Alpine Region

The term 'Alpine Region' may conjure up joyous images of snowy peaks and other wintertime pursuits... but wait, there's more. Think bird-watching, bushwalking, just to name a few activities, which are available on site and in the adjacent National Park.

The hills are truly alive here with the sound of nature and not an iphone in sight. Go to bed with frogs and wake up swamp hens! Just don't mention the dragon in the lake... it scares the kids.

And while the castle may be a Rapunzel-like romantic getaway for some, you can also try your hand at chook wrangling, trout fishing, creek-walking, flower-sniffin', or even koi carp counting; there is a positive plethora of unique and unusual pursuits for all your senses, here at the castle. Take the time to observe some of the many bird species flying in for the various seasons, including water-birds, parrots, ibis, and occasionally rare black cockatoos.

For the fisherman, Running Creek is a great place to spend a few relaxing hours. 

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